How to Lose Belly Fat - 100 Low-Carb Recipes with Fat Burning Foods by Anna Plenter and Ivan Kalinin

Have you ever tried to eat healthy and found it boring, bland, expensive and complicated? We have a solution for you! How to Lose Belly Fat: 100 Low-Carb Recipes with Fat Burning Foods is a recipe guide for fitness conscious people who want to lose weight AND eat great, while spending less time in the kitchen.

This brainchild of fitness experts and award winning fitness competitors, Ana Plenter and Ivan Kalinin, has 100 high-protein, low-calorie and low carb recipes that taste great and are made out of fat burning ingredients.

With more than 15 years of personal training experience, Ana and Ivan have learned that real fitness is not JUST about spending numerous hours working out at the gym. It’s more about eating the right foods—NOT starving yourself to death! One of the biggest misconceptions the authors discovered while researching the book, was the idea that eating healthy requires “sacrifice,” or eating foods that just aren’t quite as tasty as you’d like. 

One of the aims of the How to Lose Belly Fat: 100 Low-Carb Recipes with Fat Burning Foods is to dispel this myth once and for all. In it, you’ll discover the REAL dietary science that paints a much rosier picture than the grim ‘deprivation’ philosophy of mainstream dietetics, along dozens of great-tasting, healthy recipes. You can now enjoy:

- Delicious, energizing breakfasts, high protein lunch choices and healthy, hearty dinners.
- Tasty AND nutritious snacks.
- Tons of low carb, low fat, gluten free recipes.
- Recipes that will burn belly fat, get rid of love handles and reduce cellulite. 
- Foods like pizzas, pastas, muffins, frozen yogurts, cakes and more in their healthier versions ABSOLUTELY GUILT FREE!

All the recipes and dietary advice in this guide is aimed at busy individuals who have a life outside of the gym. However, it can also help fitness competitors who are tired of boring foods. You can now stop using calorie tracking tools, such as weight loss calculator; for your convenience, each recipe has a calorie count and a nutritional breakdown of grams of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

If you’re sick of fad diets and deprivation, pick up the How to Lose Belly Fat: 100 Low-Carb Recipes with Fat Burning Foods. It will change the way you look at food for good!

How to Lose Belly Fat
Book Language: English 
Pages: 133
File Type: Pdf, Epub, Mobi
File Size: 5.3 MB

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